Meet our friendly staff !!


Left to Right: Cheryl, Ludy, Gina, Jasmine and Dr. Cecilia Scheuerman.



Cheryl and Ludy help Dr. Scheuerman with treating the patient with gentleness and care. 

They are there to provide comfort and ear for your other dental needs.



Gina and Mary-Anne work with the patient on convenient times for your appointments. 

They help you verify your eligibility and explain to you your insurance coverages.



Jasmine will prepare your insurance paperwork to submit claims and pretreatment plans. 

She tries to accommodate all of you on Dr. Scheuermanís available time to see your regular 

check up and schedule appointments and especially when you have an emergency need to 

see the Dr. Scheuerman.



Richard and Bernadette take good care of the patientís home care and patientís oral hygiene.

They help calm the patient with their good wit and positive sense of humor.


More Pictures:


Bernadette sorting insurance claims and Gina handling the appointments.


Dr. Scheuerman giving instructions to her staff. 

Left to Right:  Ludy, Richard, Dr. Scheuerman, Mary-Anne, Bernadette (foreground), and Gina.



    Party time with Myra.  

Standing: Jasmine (L) and Dr. Scheuerman (R)            Seated: Gina (L) and Myra (R)


Gina and Jasmine in a light moment.



    Would you like some cake?  Yummy.

Left to Right:  Gina, Jasmine, Dr. Scheuerman, Cheryl, and Mary-Anne.